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Books and Videos on Trucking


Barnes & Noble

Cost Per Mile

The most comprehensive and inclusive book concerning trucking costs, cost per mile or operating ratio on toady's market. This book explains how to run and operate your trucking business and calculate your upfront costs.

Career Publishing

Career Publishing, Inc. - Quality courseware materials in the field of Truck and Bus Driving, including books, video, audio, and CD-ROMs

Partners in Business

Partners In Business is a FREE educational program for owner-operators and is authored by Overdrive Magazine and Volvo Trucks of North America. The Partners In Business campaign includes a yearly updated business manual, business workshops for truckers at the major trucking show. Since 1997, The Partners in Business program has been helping owner - operators to learn if they build their business, they can build their dreams.


Jarman Trucking has put together a manual of over 400 questions and answers that will help prepare you for taking the CDL exam.  This book also contains test-taking tips and study suggestions for taking the test. This test can help you find out what areas you need to study

The Gold Book

Access to information on the fastest paying brokers in the country with The Gold Book of Transportation Brokers. We've prescreened more than 11,000 transportation brokers for federal operating authority, $10,000 surety bond or trust, and 30 day pay to their trucking companies. You can have access to these pre-approved "Gold Brokers" with the CompuNet Gold Book. The Gold Book is produced six times a year, and new, updated versions are shipped every other month.  Why haul freight for the 90% who don't meet our stringent requirements, when you can do business with the "Gold Brokers." Order this handy pocket guide today and get paid on time! To order, phone 1-888-269-2237.

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