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American Mobile

Motient is two-way information in motion. Companies of all sizes — Fortune 1000, transportation fleets, field service organizations, and mobile professionals — utilize Motient’s solutions on a daily basis to relay critical information in real time. Motient owns and operates an integrated terrestrial and satellite network that stretches across North America. Each month, millions of messages travel the Motient network. The Motient network combines the nation's first and largest two-way wireless data network with satellite communication.

Bell Atlantic

Call Solutions Inc.

Our business is to provide the highest quality flat rate phone service available to business and residential customers alike. Call Solutions has been providing telecommunications services for the past decade and as rates have gone down, our customers have benefited.

Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics Corporation is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., is a leading designer and marketer of consumer electronics products for two-way communications. Cobra is the number one brand in Citizens Band radios and radar detectors and a strong number two in the rapidly growing Family Radios Service ("FRS") category. Products include microTALK(TM) Family Radio Service two-way radios, SoundTracker® and NightWatchTM citizens band radios, 9 Band(TM) Band detectors with Strobe AlertAlert(TM) technology, HighGear(TM) accessories, SafetyAlert® receivers and Safety Alert transmitters for emergency, road construction and public utility vehicles and the railroad industry. Cobra products are sold in major retail outlets throughout the U.S and around the world.

GPS Management Systems


Grey Island Systems Inc. is your one-stop source for Wireless Internet Applications and Network Design. GIS Inc. has been forging new ground in wireless application development and deployment for several years. The hallmark of our success has been to bring leading edge techniques into the mainstream of our client's business operations.

In Touch Fleet Management

Mobex Communications Inc.

A network operator and integrator of wireless telecommunications products & services.Mobex offers solutions for wide-area, mobile, portable, pager, E911, data, AVL, SCADAand satellite communications.


Polekat Satellite TV for Trucks

Satellite Mobile Systems, Inc develops, manufactures, distributes, and supports mobile satellite TV systems, in the fast growing, DBS satellite TV market.


Qualcomm Inc.

QUALCOMM Incorporated is a leader in developing and enabling innovative digital wireless communications products and services based on the Company's digital technologies.


RoadCall is an exciting new communications service designed to give fleet owners and brokers like you an easier and more affordable way to track and communicate with your drivers.Through the use of a personal nationwide 800 number and any touch tone telephone, RoadCall enables you to route your driver calls to the appropriate person or location based on a menu selection, actually "hear" where they're calling from each time they call in when you answer, streamline driver check-ins, easily send them fax or voice messages, and limit and control all of their long-distance calling privileges and costs!

RWR Telecommunications

Stratos Global Corporation




Terion provides comprehensive mobile information products and services for targeted markets, domestically and internationally. Terion applies advanced technology for affordable mobile messaging that is simpler to purchase and use, while assuring uncompromised coverage, quality and service.

@Track Communications

Track provides intelligent wireless mobile communications, emergency dispatch, fleet management and mobile-asset-tracking solutions.Its technology, currently covered by 37 issued U.S. and foreign patents and additional U.S. and international patents pending, combines wireless data and voice technologies with the GPS satellite location capabilities for vehicle fleet management. The company’s mobile asset product, TrackWareä, combines the technologies of GPS and wireless control channel messaging to track mobile assets

Worldwide Notification Systems

GPS, GIS, and MIS. These frequently used acronymns at high-tech companies mean even more at WNS because we're not only solution integrators, but inventors of exciting new applications covering a broad spectrum of tracking and other exciting applications for our "on-the-go" society.WNS' initial base technology utilized the Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless communications integration. As a result of our commitment to the consumer, WNS wanted to offer a more total solution - as a result, we partnered with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) companies.With these partnerships, WNS has over 50 years of experience with these synergistic technologies. The combined expertise of our 80+ team members in these fields is in excess 1000 years! Please take a few minutes to become more familiar with our Company, Product, and People. We have the ability to solve your specific needs like no other company.

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