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#1 Trucker Legal Plan

TRUCKERS: Protect your record and ability to make a living! Request FREE INFORMATION on America's Original Commercial Driver Legal Plan for professional drivers with nation-wide coverage.  NOTE:  We can also help you with an existing citation.

Benson Myles

Briggs & Morgan

Countryman & McDaniel

The Law Offices of Countryman & McDaniel serves our Forwarder - Broker - Logistics community from a unique world-wide prospective which offers a collective of over 55 years of legal, corporate & international litigation experience. Our professional staff includes a licensed U.S. Customs Broker and experienced international freight executive personnel to deal with traffic problems in "real time". The firm seeks unique solutions to "on hand" freight problems as they arise in support client operations and to avoid litigation expense for transport liability claims.

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

For over 18 years, accountants, attorneys and business executives across the USA and around the world have used our fast and friendly services to incorporate in Delaware because it makes sense and saves dollars!

Hewes, Gelband, Lambert & Dann, P.C.

At Hewes, Gelband, Lambert & Dann, P.C., we are dedicated to the principle of providing sound legal advice to meet the critical business needs of our clients. Our attorneys provide strategic legal counsel and representation, emphasizing a cost-effective and results-oriented approach to complex matters


"GOT A TICKET? WE'LL DEFEND YOU! This service will provide for attorney defense of one pre-existing citation.  Instructions are on the application. IMPORTANT: Court date must be at least 7 working days from date of application.  Questions?  Call

McNees , Wallace & Nurick

McNees, Wallace & Nurick, established in 1935, is a firm of over 80 attorneys headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. While based in the capital city, our practice represents clients which operate locally, regionally and nationally. The practice includes all areas of commercial practice and civil litigation. Our attorneys represent businesses, banks, insurance companies, trade associations, hospitals, public and private non-profit institutions and individuals.

Ryan Engineering

Ryan Engineering knows the paramount importance of research in Product Liability work. Our expert witnesses have the tools to complete extensive literature searches without leaving our office through remote access to hundreds of exclusive databases worldwide. On occasion, research in a subject is not complete, and our experts choose to conduct its own research through design and testing.

S.K. Ross & Associates

A law firm whose members and staff have extensive expertise in the import/export business. Our personnel have been thoroughly trained in the technical issues of the industry as the result of having been employed by importers, exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders and steamship carriers before joining our firm. As a result of this practical experience, our staff is intimately familiar with the movement of cargo and people, internationally and domestically. Our collective experience includes knowledge of banking, trucking, warehousing, consolidation, rail moves, air / ocean / surface transport as well as import/export procedures.

Tim Richardson, Atty. - Truckers Defense

Transportation Management

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