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Lifts and Cranes

American Roll-Off

Accu Industries, Inc.

Accu Industries, the leader in the Brake Lathe Industry, now offers scissor, 2 post, and 4 post lifts.

Automotive Resources, Inc

For more than two decades, Automotive Resources, Inc. (ARI) has provided the world's finest heavy duty mobile lifting equipment.ARI guarantees customer satisfaction and our products are backed with the most liberal warranty program offered in the industry.


Since our establishment more than three decades ago, Bend-Pak has grown to be the largest lift and bender manufacturer in the world. With recent expansions and updated plant renovations, we emerge upon the new century with a vision of growth, progress and opportunity. Today, Bend Pak prides itself on having one of the most complete equipment lines in the industry

Challenger Lifts

Challenger Lifts, Inc. is the largest independently owned manufacturer of
2-post, 4-post, environmental and conventional inground, mobile and short-rise lift systems with lifting capacities from 6,000 to way over 100,000 lbs. Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) member. GSA CONTRACT # GS-O7F-8950D - CAGE CIDE OKD44, SIN#'s 253-23, 253-23A, 253-38 - DUNS# 79-435-3680

D.W. Lift Sales


The rugged design of Ford-Smith lifts has won international approval through a long field history of service with LRT and bus transit operations, public works garages, the military, service station outlets and all types of automotive specialty shops. The in-depth association by Ford-Smith with the architects and owner departmental personnel during the development stages of projects is continued throughout the life of the equipment to give the stamp of exceptional reliability and service to a Ford Smith installation

F.lli Ferrari of North America

Venturo is the central warehouse for F.lli Ferrari cranes. They provide sales assistance and order/entry for all Ferrari dealers and owner/operators. Venturo manufactures a complete line of small mast cranes; field service cranes powered electric hydraulic and full hydraulic to 50,000 ft. lbs. capacity. Venturo crane bodies available for all models. For additional information on Venturo return to the home page and visit Venturo Cranes.


Since 1977 we've been known as the source for truck-mounted, material handling equipment. We specialize in cranes, forklifts and lifting devices that are mounted upon commercial vehicles. GSE &E, is a fully authorized sales, parts and service provider for several models of telescoping, knuckle boom, and wallboard cranes and unloaders. GSE &E is on the forefront of utilizing a "total customer care" approach to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our factory trained and certified technicians, in addition to an extensive replacement parts inventory, strive to provide the highest level of customer service. We will work hard to meet your requirements, by providing you with the correct equipment to begin with, afterwards we'll support your investment its entire life span. We're here to help you and your company, maximize your productivity, uptime and ultimately your profitability.

Highline Manufacturing

HIGHLINE Mfg. Inc.,is an innovative, progressive company and has been in existence since 1987. HIGHLINE manufactures a variety of agricultural and industrial equipment for sale in both domestic and international markets.We employ approximately 110 full time persons from Vonda and surrounding area. Located on 150 acres of land, HIGHLINE added 36,000 square feet to its existing 35,000 square foot plant in 1997. This expansion has broadened the company's growth and success. HIGHLINE manufactures six major product lines; rock removal equipment (rock pickers), round bale handling equipment (bale movers and bale processors), agricultural belt conveyors (Accelerator 7510).  HIGHLINE also manufactures both a bumper mounted crane and a trailer mounted variant (EZ Lift 2000TM and EZ Lift 2000TM T.M.C.) along with a bio tech industrial product (Top Gun). Diversification into non traditional products has fortified the company against economic swings in the agricultural industry.

Jabco Inc.

JABCO -- the finest in fully foldable, hydraulic truck cranes, combining state-of-the-art European design, manufacturing excellence, the highest governmental standards and exceptionally competitive prices. JABCO offers models ranging from 1 to 80 ton - meters with full hydraulic and fully foldable reaches to 21.70 m. (71').  If your customers are involved with ships or docks, check out our Marine Cranes. For the ultimate in safety, power and durability in a truck (or marine) crane, the name is JABCO!


Omega Hydraulic Industries Co., Ltd. was established in June 1976, in Taiwan, specializing in manufacturing of heavy duty service jacks. In 1985, Omega Hydraulic was merged by Shinn Fu Corporation, the largest manufacturer of Hydraulic Lift Equipment in Taiwan. In 1994, SFA launched the division of Omega Lift Equipment and introduced to the professional/traditional market in the U.S. and Canada in 1995. As Shinn Fu has manufactured for many name brands under the OEM private label projects, Omega has gained the high quality recognition through out the industry, especially when Shinn Fu factories were awarded the certification of ISO-9002 in 1997 and QS-9000 in 1999.


Scaffidi Truck Center

Swinglift Marketing Ltd.

Our Swinglifts efficiently transport and transfer containers to trucks, trailers, rail or the ground. Swinglifts have revolutionised the handling and transportation of containers. In New Zealand, 90% of shipping containers are routinely placed on the ground where they can be easily loaded and unloaded by short-masted forklift. From Auckland, New Zealand, we service the world!

Thieman Hydraulic Tailgates

In the world of manufacturing, the name THIEMAN is synonymous for high quality and competitive pricing. Producing items of all varieties since 1951, Thieman Stamping and Metal Fab. Inc. in New Bremen, OH has the equipment and the personnel to supply you with the highest quality product at the most competitive price. When it comes time to deliver these products, let Thieman Hydraulics. in Celina, OH supply you with the liftgate to accomplish the job more efficiently and easily.


Metal Fabko is the exclusive manufacturer of these patented designs.  We teamed up with Robert Thorndyke, a trucking professional with 50 years of experience and innovation, to create a series of groundbreaking products aimed exclusively at the truck and trailer industry. From the beginning we have aimed to take a practical and pragmatic approach to what we would do.  We are dedicated to the belief that better does not have to mean more expensive or more complicated.  We believe our products offer real value to our customers so they sell themselves.

Western Mule Fold-a-way Bumper Crane

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