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American Trucker

American Trucker's 18 editions, published monthly, are mailed to over a half million qualified buyers across the United States. Dealers have the flexibility to customize their advertising to a local, regional or national audience.

American Trucker on the Road

America Trucking On The Road fills the need of today’s advertisers. The Trucking Industry currently employs over 9 Million people which gives companies, in and outside of the industry, the opportunity to reach an active audience. America Trucking On The Road has spared no expense to publish an attractive magazine which holds up to the high standards of the Transportation Industry. Our marketing strategy initially focused on today’s Truck Driver as our target readership, but America Trucking On The Road has rapidly evolved into an additional source of information and leads for Fleet Owners, Manufactures and even our country’s Truck Stops.

Commercial Carrier Journal

The Dispatch

The Dispatch sell databases to Carriers who want to become less dependent on third parties for freight. We also sell carrier databases to brokers & shippers. The Dispatch publishes a national trucking magazine mailed to 10,000 freight decision makers each month. Effective low-cost advertising to business people in trucking has been our specialty since 1988.

Driving Force

Fastline Publications

We are a global picture buying guide offering thousands of new and used trucks and farm implements monthly!  Fastline has served the farming and trucking industries for more than  20 years and currently publishes 30 trade magazines.

Fleet Owner

FLEET OWNER Online, which has its own dedicated editorial staff, provides

up-to-the-minute business news for trucking industry executives and managers. The site also includes large, searchable databases of trucking product and service providers, industry statistics, and a library of archived material from FLEET OWNER, the industry's leading monthly business magazine for truck fleet managers.

Heavy Duty Trucking

The business magazine of trucking, covering equipment spec'ing and maintenance, industry issues, news, regulations, recruiting and retaining employees and more.

Keller's Product and Service

Safety and regulatory products, training and services for transportation, manufacturing, construction and general industry.


Land Line Magazine is written by and for professional truckers. Editorial policy encompasses informing truckers, the trucking industry and various government agencies that regulate trucking, of the views of professional truckers. News and feature articles are compiled to keep professional truckers updated on legislation, industry activities and trends, and how these affect his or her business in particular.

Movin Out

After being out on the road for many hours each day, it's difficult for Professional Truck Drivers to keep up with all the things going on in the industry. And finding a convenient newspaper dedicated to the wide variety of topics that are of interest to today's drivers can be even more difficult. Movin' Out is the publication which solves that problem for truck drivers. Here at Movin' Out, we strive to stay closely involved with what's going on in the industry. We also work to promote the professionalism and heroism of today's truck drivers, to promote over-the-road safety, and the charitable organizations working in the trucking industry.

National Survey of Driver Wages / SignPost,Inc.

SignPost, Inc. located in Hudson, WI is a company dedicated to improving the transportation industry. We provide many services, including seminars, consulting, economic counsel, and a variety of publications geared to improve the knowledge base of personnel of all levels in the transportation industry. One of our goals is to help the trucking industry solve two of its biggest problems: driver shortage and driver turnover. Toward that end, we are committed to providing the largest volume of labor cost data on the widest number of truckload carriers. We have developed our publications with the highest level of integrity.

NATSO Truckers News

NATSO, Inc. is the professional association of America's $42 billion travel plaza and truckstop industry.The association was founded in 1960 by truckstop operators as a means of managing credit information on their mutual customers.Today NATSO serves as America's official source of information on the diverse travel plaza and truckstop industry; conducts an annual convention and trade show attended by more than 2,000 industry representatives; acts as the voice of the industry in Washington on legislative and regulatory matters; and supports efforts to generally improve the business climate in which its member companies operate.


The Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association was founded in 1973 and is the national trade association representing the views and interests of professional truckers in all 50 states and Canada.OOIDA's mission is to serve owner-operators, small fleets and professional truckers; to work for a business climate where truckers are treated equally and fairly; to promote highway safety among all highway users; and to promote a better business climate and efficiency for all truck operators.Our national headquarters is located near Kansas City in Grain Valley, Missouri and is staffed with more than 100 full time employees.


Overdrive serves primarily commercial truck owner-operators and small fleet owners, as well as company drivers. Its editorial focus helps owner-operators and small fleet owners to be successful in managing their businesses. Overdrive serves both the owner-operator and his or her spouse, who often manages the business (including making major buying decisions) while the other is on the road.

Owner Operator

OWNER OPERATOR Magazine's mission is to provide meaningful and authoritative information that will help readers manage their business as an owner, mechanic and driver. Because financially successful owner operators often continue to grow their businesses, today, many owner operators own more than one truck. The circulation and editorial content of OWNER OPERATOR Magazine reflects this growth.

Private Carrier

Business Trucking is the monthly professional development journal of the National Private Truck Council.

Road King

Road King. Our name says what we are all about. We're the magazine for and about real men and women doing what it takes to master their own destinies, working long hours at one of the last wide-open-horizon careers left today: driving a heavy-duty truck on the North American highway.


The monthly magazine for America's Professional Trucker, covering trucking news, opinion,  image, equipment, careers, truckstops, off-duty activities and  more.


Transport News

Transport Topics

Transportation Equipment News

Meeting the demand for increased productivity and efficiency in the marketplace is the key reason for the large number of high performance trucks on the market today. The competition is what Transportation Equipment News is all about. Strong competition calls for a newsworthy, highly visible magazine to reach a national market first and fast.

TNT Magazine

TNT (Truck 'N Trailer) Magazine, located in Barnesville, Pennsylvania has been published bi-weekly for 34 years. Founded in February 1966, by William Lynagh, TNT began as a 16-page pamphlet distributed throughout sections of Pennsylvania. It has grown into a nationwide publication, displaying an average of 110 pages of advertising per issue. TNT features the advertising of light and heavy-duty trucks, specialized equipment, auctions and related industries. Customers rely on TNT's guaranteed national circulation and solid reputation as an industry leader to achieve their advertising goals.

Truck Paper

Truck Paper. The advantages are clear when you advertise with Truck Paper, the nation’s most circulated publication for buying and selling heavy trucks and trailers. Published weekly in seven regions, Truck Paper targets readers in your area with advertising as current as your inventory. Combining a large, easy-to-read format with hundreds of full color photos, Truck Paper ensures your equipment is displayed in full detail

The Trucker

The Trucker is an 13-year-old newspaper whose goal is to become the No. 1 news source for the truckload industry. Our staff strives daily to reach the highest standards of journalistic excellence as it reports the news that is of the greatest interest to the truckload freight industry in a timely, accurate and balanced manner.

Trucker News

Truckers News is the official publication of the National Association of Truck Stop Operators (NATSO), the premier representing body of more than 1,000 premium truck stops and travel plazas from coast to coast. Truckers News serves over-the-road drivers by providing them with timely news, in-depth reporting of industry issues and technical and operational information, as well as spotlighting their unique lifestyles. Our focus is on the personal needs and interests of truckers and the promotion of a positive image of the industry.

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