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A1 Shareware

Shareware is a try before you buy marketing concept. While the main purpose of the SharewareJunkies.com is to review this type of Software, we will also review Freeware, Demos and occasionally we will review software that does not fit in these categories if we decide that it is in the interests of our viewers

Best Clipart


The World's Leading Supplier of Software Bug Fixes

CNet Download

Cool Tool of the Day

Cool Tool of the Day is published daily (duh!) from Cool Tool World Headquarters, high atop a building in Baltimore, Maryland.


File Dudes

Flaming Text

This site is dedicated to creating excellent graphics. You can create all types of images for web pages: Logos, buttons, arrows and much more... It's free, easy and fast! Create graphics like a pro in just seconds!


Over 300,000 Shareware And Freeware Programs



MyComputer.com, headquartered in Orem, Utah, is a leading provider of web site tools for site development and management. MyComputer.com has the largest selection of web tools in one location on the Net. With more than 17 products and services, this network of tools provides users with the necessary resources to enhance the interactivity and marketing appeal of their sites, while tracking and analyzing site traffic. MyComputer.com attracts more than 3,500 new sign-ups each day and has served more than 650,000 registered websites over the last 18 months with its suite of professional tools and web site components.MyComputer.com tools were created for easy setup and use so they don't require knowledge of CGI's or other complicated scripting techniques. As a result, a webmaster building either personal sites or complex corporate sites can simply paste a pre-made HTML code into the pages and let MyComputer.com do the rest.


Pass the Shareware




Tucows s one of the largest and most respected site in the industry of free downloads.



Since its inception in August 1998, Everyone.net has developed Plug-in-Portal services that seamlessly integrate into any web site. Sites that understand the value of providing high quality portal services turn to Everyone.net for a complete solution that's free, fully customizable, and fast to set up. We help sites increase traffic, generate extra revenue from advertising, and build strong customer relationships.

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